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The pictures on this page are groups of photos provided to the Crusader Association.   They can be viewed individually or by slide show. You can turn on a slide show by clicking on the 'view' at the top left of each group and selecting slide show.  Also you can click on the  arrow at the bottom center to start and stop the slide show.

Unless otherwise noted, the following images are from personal collections and may not be used without permission. Permission is hereby granted for any F-8 pilot to use these images, for personal use only.

Mark Nankivil Collection    Bill Ashbell Photos, Bone Yards, Line Drawings, Factory Photos, F8U-3, Museums, NASA, Thunderbird Aviation, VF-154, VU-1

French F8's from Gert Kromhout Collection    F8P's, FNS Foch during carrier quals.

VF-13 - Gilbert Marshall Collection   

Marine F8's - John Sledge Collection   

The Caldwells Collection    Lt. Gottshalk VF-62 Barrier Landing - CVA-38, USS Shangri-La, September 3, 1966

The Caldwells Collection    VFP-62 R-F8 trap aboard CVA-38, USS Shangri-La, September 1966 - through the front camera

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